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Welcome to enotech, your specialist for industrial cleaning and cooling.

We have supported what has now become an international clientele with professional service and innovative products since 2001. Everything is environmentally-friendly, efficient and effective.

Dry-ice production machines

We are your partner for dry-ice presses in the field of industrial cooling. We concentrate on the essential. The equipment is easy to operate, conserves resources and is modular in design. This is all based on our longstanding practical experience, which enables us to take account of special wishes in the construction of your installation. You get exactly the machine that you need.

Dry-ice cleaning robot

Our know-how in handling the difficult medium of carbon dioxide has also been used in further development projects. In 2011 we developed an innovative robot for the fully automatic cleaning of tyre moulds with dry ice. It automatically cleans your industrial moulds with an innovative dry-ice blast system and with particular thoroughness due to sensitive sensor systems and the exceptional mobility of the cleaning head.

Handling technique

Plant engineering and construction not only involves the production of machinery for dry-ice production and dry-ice cleaning robots. No, we are also at your disposal for the development and production of equipment and facilities in the field of laser and dry-ice cleaning. In this way you achieve maximum economic benefit in all areas of application for our machinery and services.